Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

WOW!! Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will hit it off again at Australia’s Gold Coast in 2016 and entering its 28th year, show will open from 19th-22nd May next year with Exhibitor applications now open.

But, a relative new kid on the block and now in it’s sixth year Gold Coast Marine Expo will again hold its EXPO at the same time as Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and lets not forget Riviera holding its 5th annual Riviera Festival of Boating yes it too is on the same dates as the others although more specifically towards its huge array of world class yacht’s and with education programs to boot.

If my knee gets more better hmmmm we hopefully should be able to get to exhibit at one of them next year!





Usually I find most fibreglass repairs required are found after the boat has been bought.

Old rotten boat stringers/bearers.

What’s this?

Hi all!!

And Welcome to a long awaited fibreglass repair blog!

I’m not a techi when it comes to blogs or even building websites, so you may find that things may change as I find myself around this thing🙂.

Well, if the fiberglass boat you are looking to buy has been looked after and maintained the chances of a pre purchase inspection finding anything major wrong with the hull should be minimum, but in saying this sometimes even the owner or inspector may not be aware of such things.

Like the photo above illustrates, in this instance a new floor was put in this boat but the repairer failed to tell the owner when asked “How are the hull stringers/bearers?” the answer came back was “Fine, all good”.

Some repairers fail to know how to complete the work, but do a “cover up” to get themselves so it speak “out of trouble” which is not good for the owner, the person buying the boat or the boat itself.

A further follow up can be found at our website here . Buying fiberglass second hand boats.

I find that quite a lot of new owners of fibreglass boats get disheartened only to find that there are more costs involved that they didn’t know about, but wished they did and this can go for alloy, wood, steel. ferro cement and others as well.

So a pre purchase boat inspection is well worth the money or grab a mate who knows what to look for in that field.